Designcollector brings Digital Decade to OFFF Festival!

For the third time, Arseny Vesnin — founder and digital curator of Designcollector Network, supported by OFFF, sets up the annual creative contest and together with Depositphotos runs the resulting exhinition during the Barcelona festival.

Started in 2013 as a digital artists collaboration dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of Designcollector blog, it gained a good response and continues nowadays on an annual basis.

The latest collaboration of 2015 is dedicated to “His Majesty The Glitch”. An obligatory term for all participants was to use the photos from Depositphotos.

It was an intensive few months where Arseny, with Depositphotos team, curated and exhibited 15 winners of the digital art battle “His Majesty the Glitch” selected by prominent jury panel including OFFF Festival director Hector Ayuso, artist Joshua Davis and more.

"That was cool to see and meet a lot of like-minded people at OFFF Festival and inviting some of them to vote with a special sticker for the best of the best at The Digital Decade wall. 3500+ audiences visited Digital Decade 3 this year" said Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector)



Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 38, 08018 Barcelona


Line 1, Red (Glòries Station)