First things first, got your tickets, now you need to get your wristbands!

Remember you need to bring with you the printed ticket.

Please use the original booking email and the reference number which you can find in your confirmation email.

Now that you have your ticket printed, you have several options to exchange it for the wristband that will give you full access to the event (except workshops):

Wednesday 27th May - 16.00h to 20.00h (recommended to avoid long queues!)

Thursday 28th May - 09.00h to 20:00h

Friday 29th May - 10.00h to 20.00h

Saturday 30th May - 10.00h to 18.00h

Remember that OFFF Barcelona 2015 will open its doors daily at 10:30, so make sure you arrive on time!

Now what? Get your schedule ready! You can download our OFFF application and select your favorite artists. OFFF Barcelona conferences take place on two stages:

ROOTS is the main (big!) stage where the main artists of our time go to share their ideas, international projects and experiences with the audience.

Open Room outlines a possible future: belonging to those creators who fill its program year after year, a devoted stage for new emerging talents. You will find it in the venue's upper floor auditorium.

Workshop rooms head over here to find your workshop room, just click on your workshop and you'll find the details!

Please note that the schedule between each conference on each stage may overlap, an experience that we created for you to be able to move around and not miss out on any talks in case you leave a certain room.

Remember, first-comes first-serves! So make sure you arrive on time before the conference starts.

Time for sh-sh-shopping! What's amazing about OFFF Festival is that you also get to feel the Festival's vibes by entering our Mercadillo, the place to exchange products, projects and ideas. A space where, specifically organized by OFFF, a selection of artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, hardware and software developers, among others, have the opportunity to present their work and selling it at a stand during the whole festival. Check out the list of awesome and trendy shops we are introducing this year!

Now that you're set, sit down, relax, dance for a bit and see you VERY soon! ;)



Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 38, 08018 Barcelona


Line 1, Red (Glòries Station)