Don't faint just yet, but for the 15th Anniversary, we obviously are going to present to you something huge by OFFF's Godfather and most special friend, almighty Joshua Davis... You will explore the coolest chill-out space at OFFF Barcelona 2015... You will be floating with us in The Deepest of Space

Explore the chillout installation experience by Sub Rosa, Joshua Davis and Christina Latina, feat. artwork by Jana Styblova

The following screen shots were taken from Joshua's sneak peek video!

The Deepest of Space envelops visitors in immense projected visuals, stretching across over 100 feet of multi dimensional wall space using a combination of processing (java), a personal code library ( and GLSL shaders. The audio spectrum of the songs will be connected to components of the visuals, enabling the sound variances to control aspects of the artwork, causing them to rotate, distort and change tempo.

The Deepest of Space was designed for complete compatibility with Chromadepth glasses, allowing a 3D viewing option while retaining the fidelity of the 2D experience.

Stay tuned for #OFFFDeepSpace15 at OFFF Barcelona 2015!